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Beyonce's "Break My Soul" has just lit the Summer off with a hot House track that will pack the dance-floors

The Queen has blessed us with a good shot in the arm for R&B to reinvent itself and get us back to dancing again from her upcoming album dropping in July. (Watch)

For years R&B has been in a non-rhythmic slow-groove with nothing to dance to. Gone were the days when R&B moved you to dance with party-time beats and a fun club vibe of the 80's, 90's and early 2000's. R&B has become one slow song after another with almost every artist sounding the same and no variety. With Beyonce and Drake's new albums hitting the charts this year, that may be about to change.

Beyonce's new single "Break My Soul" has revitalized the 90's house sound into 2022 with a wink to the past when R&B, House and Hip-Hop coexisted side-by-side. You could like all 3 without feeling out of place and could hear all 3 on select urban and rhythmic stations across the country as well as in the inner city clubs. For the closed-minded, they will have to catch-up as Drake said the day after his surprise album dropped. For the rest of us, we have long awaited a return to the days of dancing to urban grooves and enjoying the music without it becoming stale and predictable. Perhaps Beyonce and Drake are the light at the end of the music R&B tunnel with these two genre-bending albums.

Drake has his "Flight's Booked" from his surprise album banger "Honestly, Nevermind"

One of our favorite cuts on Drake's new album is heating up the Chill-Lines and is poised to be a sleeper hit this Summer as Chill-FM plays the heck out of it

When Drake dropped his surprise album last week, you either loved it or hated it depending on what side of the R&B/Hip-Hop fence you are on. Surprisingly many Hip-Hop artists praised the innovative sound that Drake and producers such as Black Coffee cooked up in the studio. Even some dance producers such as Kaskade had to admit this was a huge surprise.

Part of the reason some hate "House Drake" is because they have been accustomed to hearing nothing but Hip-Hop and R&B on the radio without much innovation in beats or in style. What many Hip-Hop and R&B fans failed to realize is that Drake has been setting us up for this new sound for years starting all the way back with his #1 hit "One Dance" back in 2016. Even back then, there were the Hip-Hop/R&B haters who don't like change and have a one-track mind, devoid of dancing and enjoying a variety of music all within the Hip-Hop urban space. Like Beyonce, Drake has also been on the cutting edge of opening urban audiences minds to new sounds from around the world and the numbers have proven the haters wrong as all of Drake's albums have gone #1 as well as most of his singles (including the more dance-friendly singles).

For his new video, Drake enlisted the infamous Kardashian-nemesis Triston Thompson as Drake marry's 23 wives, living up to his C.L.B. status (that's Certified Lover Boy status for the uninformed).

Love or hate it, this is part of the Hip-Hop/urban landscape as it is also Pop which is the point! Hip-Hop is Pop-ular, it is not monotone only has one type of sound and style. Hip Hop has always been an incorporation of many different sounds and styles and used to embrace these new innovations. Even House music was a cousin of Hip-Hop much more so than it was to it's forgotten parent disco as it used the same 808 and 909 drum machines that Hip Hop became known for.

Today Deep House is the afro-urban side of House music (please do not confuse this with EDM as that is a whole other subject and has nothing to do with this discussion). Drake has fully embraced this style thanks to producers such as Black Coffee who has been at the forefront of the Afro-House movement. Perhaps now that Drake and Beyonce have shined a light on Deep House as part of the urban and pop music landscape, this sound will begin a reimagining of R&B and Hip-Hop here in the states as a wide tent of different sub-genres under one roof. If urban-dance music could coexist in the 80's and 90's on urban stations such as WBLS and the former WRKS (98.7 KISS) in New York as well as urban stations in Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and right here in San Francisco on the world famous Hip-Hop powerhouse KMEL, then surely it can recapture that coexistence for the 21st century and a new generation that is growing up to develop an open mind to new sounds while still being part of the Hip-Hop/R&B generation. Granted, upcoming artists and producers of this style of music need to make good quality music and not fall into the same fate that manufactured-EDM is now facing. Otherwise, the future has arrived and we have Beyonce and Drake to thank for it! 

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